Sponsor Couples

What is a Sponsor Couple?

A sponsor couple is a married couple who, through reflection and personal sharing, helps engaged couples understand the role of covenant and sacrament in a marriage as well as the serious and permanent commitment they they are going to be making.

Requirements to be a Sponsor Couple?

+ to be married for a sensible amount of time, enough to have experienced the highs and lows of married life
+ live a life centered on Jesus Christ
+ if they have children, striving to raise their children as disciples of Jesus Christ


A Sponsor Couple will receive a one-day, 3 hour, training at the Diocese of Greensburg. This session is offered approximately 4 times a year at no cost to the couple. 


Sponsor Couples will be assigned an engaged couple.  The two couples are to meet together 4 time, for approximately 2 hours, over the course of several months.  Sponsor Couples meet in their homes so that the engaged couple can witness married life in the lived context, which often includes children being present in the Sponsor Couple's home.  These sessions are scheduled at times convenient to both couples.

Get Involved
If you believe that God is calling you and your spouse to serve as a Sponsor Couple or would like to learn more about this ministry, please contact our Director of Parish Formation & Evangelization at the parish office or through email by clicking here.