Garden Group

The Garden group consists of volunteers who enjoy caring for and helping to maintain the natural beauty of the grounds surrounding Our Lady of Grace Church and rectory. The work begins the second Wednesday of April and continues through early October.


Parishioners, including teens, are encouraged to assist where needed or available OR to ‘adopt’ a garden by selecting a specific area to maintain throughout the season. The maintenance staff will share a wheelbarrow, rakes and brooms. The parish also provides Miracle-Gro, snail/slug bait, Holly-Tone, watering cans, garden hoses, and five sources of water. All volunteers are asked to bring their own garden gloves, weeding tools, and container for weeds. Optional items include a rake, broom, dust pan and pruning shears. If you are interested in helping to keep our grounds beautiful, please contact the parish office at 724-838-9480.