Parish History

A Place to Grow in the Love and Knowledge of Jesus Christ

On February 23, 1910, the Italian ethnic parish of Our Lady of Grace was established with Father Nicola Albanese as its first pastor.  For a while Father Albanese worked out of Seton Hill College until he was able to rent a small storeroom on the corner of Tremont and Highland avenues.  This lasted until a new worship site was completed and dedicated in 1916.

By 1960, the parish had 340 families and was still growing.  Due to continued population growth in this area, Bishop William G. Connare authorized construction of a larger church at its current location on Mount Pleasant Road.   At the same time the parish designation changed from ethnic to territorial.  Parishioners moved into their new spiritual home when it was dedicated on December 6, 1964.   The current Our Lady of Grace Church was dedicated on July 11, 1999 with the former church transformed into Albanese Hall that serves the needs of the parish connected with formation and social activities.  On July 23, 2016 the Sanctuary of the church was renovated in order to relocate the tabernacle into the sanctuary and install a new reredos (the backdrop of the sanctuary).

The parish is now home to about 1,800 families and continues working to meet the needs of the parish members and surrounding community. 

Clergy who have served at Our Lady of Grace

Rev. Nicola Albanese, Founding Pastor:  1910 - 1960
Rev. Francis L. Ginocchi:  1960 - 1968
Rev. John W. Meighen:  1968 - 1974
Rev. Msgr. Andrew A. Chupela:  1975 - 1983
Rev. William P. Donahue:  1983 - 1988
Rev. Msgr. Lawrence R. Kiniry:  1988 - 2002
Rev. Msgr. Raymond E. Riffle:  2002 - 2010
Rev. Paul A. Lisik:  2010 - 2013
Rev. Daniel L. Blout:  2013 –

Rev. Msgr. Joseph Pernatozzi
Rev. Vincent Rocco
Rev. Robert Byrnes
Rev. Richard Karenbauer
Rev. Thaddeus Kaczmarek
Rev. Peter Peretti
Rev. Clifford Kramer
Rev. Kenneth Zaccagnini
Rev. V. Paul Fitzmaurice
Rev. Stephen Bugay
Rev. Paul Stivason
Rev. Salvatore Lamendola
Rev. Jonathan Wisneski
Rev. Joseph Trupkovich
Rev. Alan Polczynski
Rev. Frank Gan
Rev. Eric Dinga
Rev. Ryan Ravis
Rev. Marlon Pates
Rev. Ignatius Camello, O.S.B.
Rev. Samuel Pinheiro, O.S.B.  (Current Parochial Vicar)

Rev. Leonard Sanesi
Rev. Msgr. Robert Shuda
Rev. Lawrence Hoppe
Rev. Ronald Simboli
Rev. John Euker
Rev. Msgr. Michael Matusak
Rev. Msgr. Raymond Riffle
Rev. Msgr. Thomas Klinzing
Rev. Richard Kosisko
Rev. Msgr. James Gaston
Rev. Daniel Blout
Rev. Msgr. Larry Kulick
Rev. Tyler Bandura